Monday, January 14, 2013

When Is Loyalty Enough?

I've had it with the discount cards from every single store that we visit.

Carrying these cards in wallets, on key chains, in pockets becomes absolutely ridiculous. As if we don't carry enough already. It never fails, they ask me for the card and I've left it at home so I have to remember if I used my home phone or my cell phone for them to enter it.

And then with so many to carry, someone finally comes up with an app for our smart phones that will hold every single card in the device that many of us have glued to her hands throughout the day.

Awesome, right?

I was excited by this new application. I took the time to load them all into my phone and felt organized to go out into the world on my next shopping expedition.

And then you start to use your new app. You get to the stores and they can't scan it from your phone. (Which means they have to now key in the long number instead.) Or they just say "I won't do it." If you say "other cashiers will scan my phone" - you get some kind of retort "I'm not them."

If stores want to offer discounts to customers, how about this: anyone in your store IS a customer! Give them all the discount. Aren't CEOs happy to have people shopping in their stores? Enough with the loyalty discounts. You would think the fact that I'm shopping in your store is enough to warrant me whatever discount your offering the person in front of me.

Thus ends my rant. I better run to CVS for some medicine for this headache I now have just thinking about it. (Hopefully they can scan from my new app!)


  1. Too funny. I need a key ring just for my chips! And when you get too many of them, they'll set off the alarms. The stores should just lower prices for everyone.

    1. I didn't even THINK of the alarm! Another great point!

  2. We started scanning library card barcodes here at the library where I work; we haven't had too many people actually use it but there has been some interest. I didn't even bother because I plan on getting a new phone this year, but the whole concept is great - if the stores are willing to use it. After all, that's the point...right?

    1. You are right: it's all about the stores being willing to use technology.