Monday, February 4, 2013

Flipping the Pillow

I feel I have learned so much in the past two years since my first book was published. It has been a crazy ride with ups and downs...but here I am flipping my virtual pillow again as I look for the cool side and launching another.

This one is different from the others as ASD Publishing has also learned much with what works, what doesn't in the publishing world. Some books do better than others as print. And as much as I LOVE books in print (and going to my local bookstore Well Read to do book signings) - Cool Side of the Pillow is releasing exclusively on Amazon to start out the launch. Depending on how it does, perhaps ASD Pub will bring it out in print down the road. This blog isn't about my feelings on Amazon or print versus eBooks (that I will save for another time) - it's about getting the word out on this book!

I started my career as an actor in theater many...MANY years ago and worked with several children's theater companies. I thought it would be a fitting place to plunge a 'fish out of water' into for the setting of this novel. Zachary Kleinmann is on a search without even knowing when he meets an older, eccentric actress: Ginger Charman. He is juggling all the areas of his life: fatherhood, a wife passionately involved in her own career, his lack of motivation, a marriage in a slump. But Ginger's youthful outlook and non-conformists ways are just the thing the 39 year old dad needs to pull himself out of his self-imposed state of complacency. He is looking for that 'cool side' of the pillow.

People that have read my works know that I love to write about life-altering decisions. I blog about it, I share it in novels - and in stories...I like to create unusual characters to fill up those pages.

While Zachary and Ginger become bonded despite their differences, I really wanted to explore the question to whether men and women can be 'just friends' as well as stay friends once secrets emerge. Many people have loved that element of mystery and intrigue from my previous Patchwork of Me and as Arthur Wooten says: it turns this novel into a cross between 'Grey Gardens' & 'Mr. Mom'.

While my books may seem to switch genres - I always come back to family: those we are born into and those we create. I think it's a common theme of what many people look for.

I hope you enjoy the new story. Parents can relate, lovers of theater will 'get' these characters - and I hope it finds an audience that can appreciate a book that uses Neil Diamond as a soundtrack. 

PS: I'm not sure why Amazon places books into non-fiction categories when an author tags books with things such as "Fatherhood" and "Theater" to get those readers...but just for the record: this book is fiction. :-)

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