Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Guest Blog: This Poet Doesn't Stop

Today I welcome Travis Laurence Naught to my blog to guest blog. If you have read his book or follow him on twitter or Facebook, you'll notice he is someone that doesn't hold back when he speaks: raw and truthful words come from the mouth of this man; words that make one stop and think.  He has a new book coming out and I wanted to be a part of his blog hop.

Take it away, Travis!


Before we get going, I would like to thank Gregory for posting a guest blog by me!

The Virgin Journals is the reason that I am friends with fellow ASD Publishing author Gregory G. Allen. He took time out of his life to review my unpolished poetry memoir and make recommendations to a new friend he had met on-line! That is one of the foundational things about being an author today ... connecting with other authors. It used to be that we writers were the most private of sort. The click of a mouse and  Starbucks on every other corner culture has changed that in to a major social scene. You found this site on the internet. That means you are socializing electronically. 

For years and years, I had been treating writing as my own form of personal therapy. "Vent that s*%t or your brain is going to explode!" Nearly 150 poems or pieces of narrative nonfiction were sitting on my computer, so I decided I wanted to release them as a book. Gregory was my director. He helped me find a perfect fit for a bunch of unrefined thought. 

Not necessarily unrefined. Thoughts that everybody has were rolling through my brain on a near constant level and my physical disability provided me with the opportunity to take note of them. Now, I would love to be out working as a part of the work force, but since my body will not allow physical labor because I am a wheelchair user, I took to writing full time in order to make a contribution on the world. 

People have always told me to write a memoir of sort. They are amazed by the guy in a wheelchair who doesn't let his disability stand in his away. I have one very obvious shortcoming that made me believe nobody really cared ... my less than desired celibacy. Poetry was the natural outlet for my frustrations surrounding that particular topic. Writing is what people wanted from me. I took the chance and combined the two for public viewing. 

That is where the Virgin in my book title came from. Here is my introduction to the world of writing! It also has the very apparent double entendre with a nod toward my sexuality. The second reason for the word Virgin comes into play regarding the title of my second collection: Still Journaling

I still am! Since becoming a fully stamped and certified "author", my poetry has become  tighter (not necessarily shorter) but no less honest and personal. Taking the time to write as a job means I am allowed to explore life more fully and take notes on different subjects. Subjects that I might not ever be able to partake in. One of the poems from Still Journaling is about jumping out of helicopters to ski! Here's Adrenaline Rush from my new e-book:

Mountainside submariners
Dive in up to their knees
Porpoising in and out
Of white powder snow

Jumping off cliffside high rises
Wings strapped to their feet
Flying ice covered inches
Over Earth's ground floor

Forever freedom racing by
Speeding, swerving, twisting, turning
Between the rocks and by the trees
Seen by goggle covered eyes

An experience beginning close to God
Ends with emotional self applause

Another reason that I've enjoyed this new-found writer lifestyle is for the necessity to stretch my comfort zone. Doing this mostly means asking for help from others. I need a lot of help, as a quadriplegic, so I generally try not to ask for more than is required to keep me healthy. Writing keeps me healthy! I know that now, and have learned to ask people for help writing lines or even complete poems down for me as I am out and about. My words on the following page were written by people who are not me ... it is a very intimate experience to have someone encounter my first draft words, but Technically Jesus proved my need to have another write for me, as a refined version of it made the cut for Still Journaling!

To sum up; writers need one another, my writing has proved that physical ability does nothing toward changing natural thoughts, exploring all of life is a benefit that every author gets to try on, other people have helped me explore life more now than ever before! Hopefully I was able to curb my selfish focus and you were all able to take something from this article ... even if it is just the urge to spend $5 on your favorite e-reader and purchase Still Journaling!

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