Monday, March 11, 2013

Vacation from Life

View from Balcony
Anyone who reads my blog knows I love to travel.

Sometimes, we just need to stop the world and 'get off' to forget about everything else going on. That was the kind of trip I had last week while vacationing in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. It was a time to unwind, escape the cold of the northeast and simply relax. Nothing planned. Just me, good friends, a loaded up kindle full of books and the sun.

Naturally, being a writer I can't help but notice people and my surroundings. And occasionally  I take notes of something that may end up in a book at some point. What I found interesting was no matter the age around the pool (and many were older people), everyone seemed to have a reading device. I saw more kindles on this trip than ever before. Very few actual books. And if not a kindle, then an iPad or a smart phone where people were deep into something to pass the time. 

I guess we all love to escape when on vacation, but it seems people are talking less and 'escaping' more.

Puerto Vallarta had amazing restaurants and my friends knew all the great places to go. From eating on a mountain side to awesome places at the water's edge, we hit so many.

I also got to see a fellow author visiting from Canada and it was great to see him again after a year. David Hallman seems to make that his home for several weeks each winter (and I can see why). (I told him I wanted to be him when I grow up!)

We ended the trip with another love of mine. Going to the theater. While I usually enjoy theater that makes me feel something full of angst, sometimes I just want to laugh. And I did. Del Shores' "Sordid Lives" is a play that became a movie and then a television series. I've never seen it on stage and it was a hoot for this Texan to see this play that pokes such fun at my home state. And then to meet Mr. Shores afterward the show (whom I sent a copy of Well With My Soul to when it first came out) was a real treat as this man shares so much of my Southern Baptist upbringing and Texas history.

All in all, what a great vacation it was. Being back to reality is hard, but at least I got a chance to recharge during the cold winter months and enjoy the beauty of nature.  

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