Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Subway, Screenplays & Tom Hanks

I had a dream I was on the New York City subway and couldn't find my way back into the city. This is odd because I know the system pretty well and can usually get my way around any city when I travel.

But even I didn't need to go to a dream interpreter to understand this one.

I'm trying something new in my life right now. As I often do, Greg thinks "what can I do next?" and usually attack it in as fearless a way as possible. Well, let's be honest and say the fear is there - I just don't usually show it to those around me. I'm writing a screenplay to the first book I ever published: Proud Pants. I thought it was a new idea, but I recently read an interview I did in 2011 and said then that I thought it might make a good short film. 

I'd love to see some of my books turned into film, but like most things I do in life - I jump in and think "how can I do this on my own?" and then go for it. I can see creating this story as a small film as another way to tell the story. And that's what I do: I'm a storyteller. Who knows, perhaps at one point I could turn one of the others that I can see as a film into a full length movie, but baby steps. That's the smart way to go.

And that takes me back to that dream. I'm in uncharted territory and not sure I can find my way around it, but in the dream I asked others how to get back to my destination and in life - I'm asking and learning from others that have already done it. And I really appreciate the kindness of those people who can point me in the right direction.

A few nights later, Tom Hanks shows up.

No, not at my house - in another dream. 

It's not at his Broadway show, but more like he is headlining on a floating city with a captive audience. We start to chat, he asks what I do and I have to play Sophie's Choice really fast and decide which book to share with him. Knowing he is a producer of films, I pitch the one I think that would most interest him and he tells me to get it to him.

What does THAT mean? Who the heck knows. But I'd be more than happy if Mr. Hanks wants to read any of my works to turn into something for the screen.

Maybe dreams are simply ways that the universe continues to push you towards a goal.

Or maybe I ate something really funky the night before.

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