Sunday, June 23, 2013

Take a Book on a Test Drive

It's been a few weeks since I've blogged, but life has kept me busy with some travels and reading some manuscripts for other indie authors. That second part really got my mind going. We hear and read so much about how indie authors (or self-pub'd authors) are ruining the literary landscape. As if they come in and take a giant poo on the major publishers in New York.

As someone who reads all the time, I can usually tell within the first chapter if I'm going to be able to get into a book or not. Sometimes it's the writing - sometimes it's the story. And sometimes I'm just not in the mood to read. This has nothing to do with the author. I don't look them up to see what their credentials are to have written the book. I don't think about who their agent is or if <insert big time publisher here> has them on a world book tour. 

But when I see reviews on Amazon that gives 1 star ratings based on "terribly misspelled words and bad editing", I often think that is someone that has a personal grudge against the author. Just the same that several 5 star reviews usually means everyone in that person's family has gone online (for the first time) to write a review.

Try this. Kindle allows you to "look inside" before purchasing. So use it! Read that first chapter and see if it grabs you. If it doesn't, why bother buying the book? Just so you can write a nasty review after you've forced yourself to read through the entire thing?


  1. I'm an avid reader and I believe today, everyone has the opportunity to publish their stories. Some are written well with good editing, so are not so great. But I want to read the story, I'm not a critic about the errors. Writers who have good stories, can always get someone to proofread and edit. I think people who like to write 1-star reviews should just keep their mouth's shut! Sometimes their reviews are very poorly written, too!

    1. Such great comments, Nancy! (And agree with you!) Thanks for sharing.