Monday, July 1, 2013

A Few Social Media Tips

Now and again, people know I like to share helpful hints that I've found useful when it comes to social media. Usually these are geared towards my author friends, but can actually work for others as well.

Social media is about being "social" - but too many new authors (myself included when I started out) think of it as a place to scream about their latest book. While this is a wonderful way to reach an audience, people want to know they are interacting with someone real and not just a peddler. I have a couple thousand followers on twitter and I know I can't interact with all of them, but I try my best to get to as many as possible.

  • Interact on topics other than your book.
  • Watch your favorite TV show with twitter and see the hashtags around that show. A GREAT way to meet new people that enjoy similar things.
  • Respond to People. 
  • Retweet some favorite tweets.
  • Retweet some tweets about other author's books.
I tend to use Facebook as my place to announce things happening with my writing or where I'm going to be for a book signing and then use twitter more as interacting and meeting new people.

The bottom line: if you are an author looking to get people interested in something you've written, getting to know the person first on common ground before trying to sell them something can go a long way.

Oh - and a huge pet peeve of mine: the moment I follow someone back on twitter that has followed me and I get an instant "Direct Message" or reply with a sales pitch to buy and retweet about their book...a huge turn-off.   


  1. Hi Greg,

    It is true what you say, I even tried going on Reddit (I start doing some selfish self promotion), I got some really cool reviews as well some "spam" but it was worth trying it. You are right also on the point of keeping all communication channels open.

    Even Huff Post has turned a great gateway to meet new writers.


    1. Great to hear from you, Gus...and so glad you are using social media to meet so many others and get some reviews! That's great too.

  2. It's funny to think that for something called "social media", a lot of people seem to be lost how to use it. Some think that using it as a huge internet billboard is good, but this might actually turn some people off. Communicating with those of common interests, now that's what should be done. In fact, that's what social media is for in the first place.

    Kristofer Mcginty @

    1. Exactly, Kristofer! Being SOCIAL. Thanks for the response!