Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Music Does More than Soothe a Soul

It's a pretty well known fact that music can be used to change our moods. From a peppy song that gets you rocking in your car to a somber one when you're already feeling low. The shift in beat and lyrics can alter how we feel. Hollywood gets it. They use it all the time to manipulate us into feeling a certain way during a scene of a movie. I'm not complaining. It has always been such an important part of my life that when playing the game "what if you lost one of your senses" - mine has always been I couldn't handle losing my hearing for fear of missing music. But I'm most fascinated by the sensory mechanism of music. Our ears can receive the music and shoot our minds back to another place in time.

That's how you can be listening to a song and all of a sudden you are standing near your car at the high school football game. Or another can take you to that sophomore year of college. The day your child was born. The moment you first laid eyes on the love of your life. (I have several that take me back thirteen years ago when I was first met my other half.)

And the funny thing is, Celine Dion seems to play a huge part of the soundtrack of my adult life. "I Want You To Need Me" comes on (the uptempo version) and I'm on the dance floor at our local NJ bar. "Have You Ever Been In Love" and I think of my anniversary. Or I can go all the way back to the early 90s to her first two CDs I ever owned (Unison and her self titled album) and recall a period where I was dumped and played her sappy songs over and over.

Yes, one of those came on the radio on the way to work this morning and I found myself laughing at that particular memory. That my younger 20-something self felt so devastated by this particular person is completely ridiculous to me in hindsight.

 So do you have one of those music memories that seems laughable now? 

And who is the soundtrack to your life?

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