Tuesday, August 27, 2013

How Many is Too Many?

Hello my name is Gregory and I'm a 'project-a-holic'.

I have neglected this blog because there are so many projects currently on my plate, I simply can't get around to everything. And yet...I THRIVE on staying busy and juggling so many. Sometimes, we simply have to stop and re-order our lives. Hit reboot. Prioritize and in doing so, accomplish more by seeing what rises to the top of the heap. That's what is going on with me. While I have several books I want to get around to writing, I just need more time to be able to address those.

The freelance writing has had to slow way down and in some respects, I've had to stop some of those gigs all together. Again - not enough hours in the day.

I've maintained my priority of 'paying-it-forward' which manifests itself via emails and discussions with new authors, people questioning what has worked (and hasn't) for me, assisting indie artist in marketing of their projects from crowd-sourcing films to new books. I really do love to help out others (when there is time).

I've been busy writing another children's book (and I can't wait to share the information on that).

I'm directing the musical [title of show] - back directing for the first time in three years! It is an amazing cast, an incredible show, and one that I feel a true fondness towards. (It opens one month from tonight!)

And there is another huge project on my list that I'm still entirely too nervous to discuss for fear of jinxing it, but as soon as I can...you can bet I'll be blogging about that!

So I'll sit back down at this meeting of 'project-a-holic anonymous' and get back to work.

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