Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Creativity Comes in Many Forms

Cast of [title of show] - Photo by Tom Schopper
I feel as if I haven't blogged in forever. Instead of commenting on life, I've been very busy living it and juggling multiple projects. One of which was returning to theater as a director for the first time in three years with a very interesting show. A show I felt such a unique connection to as it's about two guys writing an original musical (something I've done once or twice in my past). Only these guys did something truly incredible as they saw their show go from festival to off-Broadway and eventually - Broadway. (If you ever get the chance to see a production of [title of show], allow yourself the pleasure!) Our production opens this Friday night!

Working on the show, I realize how much I love to be surrounded by other creative people - those doing what they enjoy...the creative process. Writing can feel like solitary confinement - but doing theater takes me back to those creative roots. It shows me my mind is in the right direction for things on the horizon. I see new things in store for me that I guess Oprah or the people behind THE SECRET would say putting that positive thinking out there helps one achieve it. Something inside of me believes that I will. (I just won't share what I think that will be...not just yet.)

Working in theater, we learn so much about ourselves. How we react to others. How we collaborate. Returning to that familiar territory causes me to use a different part of my brain - and obviously I was missing it.

The theme of this show is all about believing in a dream and going for it. This show actually came along at a perfect time in my life and for that, I'm truly grateful to 4th Wall Theatre.  

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