Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Next Journey

If life is a highway, I not only want to ride it all night long - but I want to experience as many adventures as possible! I  love trying new things...from my work on stage (directing, producing, acting) to my love of writing. I can often be found creating small trailers for plays I've worked on or books that I write. Film has always been something I could see myself working  towards; unsure what that exactly would entail - but eager to try.

I got that wish a few months ago. We never know how connections in any business are going to work, but suffice to say that six degrees of separation played itself out and I found myself adapting the novel MISSING by Drake Braxton for the screen. The filmmaker fell in love with the book, I'm friends with the publisher, I've always wanted to write a full length screenplay and well....the working draft is finally completed.

It has been an amazing ride working closely with the filmmaker - back and forth as we tore apart Braxton's novel to decide what parts will work best in a film. I used my background of writing for the stage to think visually, knowing there are parts of a book that must be left out when changing mediums and well aware that audiences often say "the book was better". But I've loved every minute of it! I felt as if I was doing it all secretly, but now that the director is taking my screenplay and will begin location scouting next month, I knew I could finally blog and share.

The story is right up my alley. One of love, suspense, mystery, personal growth, flawed characters - and did I mention it just happens to be a gay story? That's something else I love about it. This female filmmaker did not say "can you change the leads to a male and a female"? Instead, she is staying true to the author's original intent and I did my best to stay true to that as well. I think it is so important for LGBT films to be made, but the wonderful part is that this award-winning story (New England Book Festival Best Gay Fiction of 2012) can be appreciated by gay or straight. Anyone can relate to the simple question: what would you do if your spouse was gone? Simply went missing? 

First draft: Title has changed
If you haven't read the book - DO! It's gritty and raw and will keep a lump in your throat through a huge portion of the book. And then when the movie comes out in a few years, you'll be able to compare what I did to it! :-)

I can't wait to see where this journey leads. I have a strong feeling I will be involved in much more than just screenwriting and I can't wait to learn as much as possible from this wonderful filmmaker working on (dare I say) this great indie film. Who knows, I might actually be adapting one of my own down the road...I can really see COOL SIDE OF THE PILLOW as a film. 

Here we go!

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