Friday, January 24, 2014

The Day the Old People Took Over Facebook

Recently my nephew was at my house and saw me on Facebook and said "you still use that?"  But of course I do, I thought. This is how I make snide comments on people's status and share my photos on Throwback Thursday and piss off my friends by sharing numerous vacation photos. Instead I said, "Yes, don't you?" "Nah....we do everything on Instagram now."

Let's face it, anyone over the age of 40 has pushed the younger generation right off of Facebook - a social media site that was started for them and by them. The whole thing got me thinking about how people use Facebook now and to help out some of that generation that is even older than me using it - I came up with a small primer. 

1) You have a news feed and a wall. The two are not the same thing. When you open Facebook and see status updates, photos, etc flying by - that's not YOUR wall. That's just things your friends are saying. I've seen fights where people think someone is putting 'crap' on their wall - but NOT the case. They aren't. You don't own the content there. Your news feed is like driving down the highway with a bunch of people and not sitting in your own driveway (wall).
2) And while we're on the subject of news feeds - just because it's there doesn't mean it was written TO you. You don't like it? Don't comment. You can actually hide the person so they don't show in your news feed or un-friend them.
3) Guess what? The moment you comment on something - THEN it shows up in YOUR news feed and all of your friends can see that you commented/liked it. So if you leave it alone and let it go, your friends will never have seen the photo of  (insert something that upsets you here: Bert & Ernie in a gay embrace, The Pope giving the finger, something else that upsets you.)
4) Do you like when people yell at you? Neither does anyone else. Find the shift key and turn OFF those cap locks. It only makes it appear as if you are the crazy old person yelling at the kids playing in the middle of your street or on your lawn.
5) Clicking the LIKE button is nice to show a friend you agree with or like something they've shared. But there is no need to click the SHARE button with every single thing you read/see. It only makes those show up in your own friend's news feed and how many puppies, roses, angels, children laughing while being fed should your friends be exposed to?
6) Lastly - want to have your grand kids hide you on Facebook? Reprimand them publicly. That's a sure fire way to accomplish it. Now I know you may not like what they are saying or how they interact with their friends, but we have to remember that everyone has a different face they put forward around different friends. Unfortunately, Facebook has created this arena where it is hard to keep everyone separated (unless you create groups and that's too complicated to go into with this primer). So you may want to hide that grand child so you don't see their posts in your news feed. Or probably don't have to worry about it because like my nephew, they've stopped using Facebook long ago.   

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