Friday, February 14, 2014

Love in a Box

It was all about a box.

Original Box
A particular box that my parents own and keep all their records. (Birth certificates, important documents, etc.) There is nothing special about this box. A metal box with college/university pennants all over it. But for me and my siblings, it holds years of memories - a lifetime of love, hard work building a home, everything that went into my parents' relationship. 

My sister and I used to jokingly fight over who was going to get 'the box' when my parents were no longer around. When my father passed away over 10 years ago, we started laying dibs on it then...naturally to lighten the mood over his loss. Even when I was visiting my mom this past holiday season, I pulled the box out of the closet to check on my inheritance.

Enter my little brother. 

Somehow he searched the internet and found that exact box online. And then he purchased it for our sister and sent it to her this week. She opened it up (which also includes a lunchbox so I may need to fight about that one) and was completely overwhelmed by such a gift. Yes, a simple box moved her that much. 

I thought about how incredible it was for my brother to not only find it, but give that kind
The gift
of gift. The box connects us as a family. My sister moved out when my brother was 7 years old and then I left home the year after that so while age and distance may seem vast, you find things when you are a family that bring you closer together. For us, that box is one of those things. 

And here on this day of love, I wanted to write a blog about a different kind of love. Valentine's Day does not have to just be about when you declare your love for a romantic partner. It's also when I say how much I love my family and I'm happy to call them mine.

But just so they all know, my name is on the bottom of the original box.