Friday, February 21, 2014

The Fat Guy's Clothes Closet

This blog was started under the name "it ain't over 'til the the fat guy is skinny" - because I knew this fat guy would never see that elusive word: skinny. Everyone has their views on how to live a healthy life, what to eat, etc. I've heard them all. You can't mention you are dieting without someone giving you advice/two cents.

I have battled my entire adult life. I've gone up and down constantly and no matter what people say, I know the weight that is best for me to hang out around (and laughably - it's still considered fat). So like I do every 2-3 years, I make weight loss a concentrated effort and I usually achieve it...knowing it will be back again.

Changing eating habits are so difficult. Sometimes, I think it's harder than quitting any other addiction because you need food and it's always around you - no matter where you look. We schedule events around going out to eat and food is constantly on my mind. But I admit I do feel better when I make it a priority. There is a confidence I can see that I gain when I'm not (as a friend pointed out) constantly tugging at my shirt to pull it away from my body. Noticing that pants are falling off of me. (But not to worry because I have every size in my closet.) I use what works for me to kick start me (Nutrisystem) and try to make it a main focus in my life. I've actually dropped 20 pounds since the start of 2014. Forcing myself to MOVE on a treadmill or walking. Monitoring it with Fitbit. Doing what I can - all the while knowing I have so much further to go.

But I look at famous people who have private chefs and motivating fitness gurus who lose weight and everyone cheers. They make the rounds on talk shows to display their new bodies. And then months go by and Oprah, John Goodman, & Jonah Hill (to name a few) have packed the pounds back on.

It's a cycle that not everyone can understand. But I do. Trust me. I get it. If you have a great metabolism and can eat whatever you want, I applaud you. Good for you! But there are many people in the world that no matter how they try - they can eat the same thing you do and gain weight you'd never see. To those people I say - I feel your pain! I'm right there with you. And while I may be patting myself on the back for my weight loss for now...I'm well aware of the cycle that I'm in. 

And no, I'm not looking for an expert to tell me how to keep it off this time - but I do appreciate the occasional "good for you" even if I'm aware it's a phrase I'll be hearing again in another three years.