Monday, March 31, 2014

Autism Awareness Month Begins

April is Autism Awareness month, but I believe we can be aware of others and their differences in any month. Still it is great that so much occurs during this time all around the world. I have friends putting the blue light bulbs on the porch to light it up blue and here in Northern New Jersey, there are a list of events happening over on BaristaKids.

I am lucky for the third year in a row to be a part of different events as I share my children's book based on my godson. If you have not seen the video of him reading the first book just last week, please check it out here. It was a very moving experience as I've never heard him read it. 

I'll be taking that book up to Holliston, Massachusetts where I return to an elementary school for two days to share the book and discuss autism with the entire school. Next Saturday, I get to share the book with a school in Mt. Tabor, NJ before they have their own autism walk. I absolutely love being a small part of the many people that bring awareness to those that have autism.

I'm also thrilled that MeeGenius has published the sequel to my book two years after the first book came out. They are the world's largest virtual store for enhanced children's books and available on numerous platforms. Children can read books or have them read to them via the computer, iPads, smart phones, etc. 

MeeGenius on different platforms
It took a while for me to write this book as I wanted to stay true to our superhero, but cover new territory. After talking to so many people in the autism community, I knew I needed to cover sensory overload and issues around visits to the doctor or dentist. I'm excited for those that loved book one to get a chance to see our superhero in this environment - with beautiful illustrations by Morgan Swofford. (Thank you, Morgan for bringing this book to life!)

The new book continues the adventures of our superhero and is called: 

Chicken Boy: A Super Hero With Autism Deals with Doctors & Dentists 

While the first book introduced us to our superhero, this book shares why a visit to a
illustrations by Morgan Swofford
doctor or a dentist may be difficult for certain children. The buzz of a dental drill, the cold of a stethoscope, the smell of rubber gloves, the taste of the toothpaste; all of these can be intensified for children with autism and yet many children can relate to the fears that can surround these visits and can use our superhero's tips to help make these trips just a little bit easier. 

MeeGenius has Voice & Text
Please help me spread the word during this month by sharing the link for parents to find this book. The Chicken Boy Series was created to bring awareness by giving those with autism a chance to see parts of themselves in a book and those without autism the knowledge to not be fearful of someone that is different.

Join Chicken Boy in the doctor's office and talk to your own children about the fears they may encounter when making that necessary visit that may cause them to be slightly frightened and bringing awareness to autism at the same time.  BAHCAAAAAA!

Chicken Boy waits in the doctor's office

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