Thursday, March 13, 2014

Chicken Boy Sequel On The Horizon

It's been two years since Chicken Boy was introduced to the world and finally another book is coming soon. It's amazing how a project can take on a life of its own - but that's exactly what happened. If you follow this blog, you know that my children's book is based on my godson with autism. It won the People's Choice Award by MeeGenius publishing and was released in the spring of 2012.

I have been so fortunate to travel to schools and bookstores bringing this story of autism awareness to many. And everywhere that I went, I heard new stories. Many teachers, parents, school nurses talked to me about sensory issues as well as children with autism and doctor visits. And the sequel to Chicken Boy was born. This time, I've expanded Chicken Boy beyond my own godson to give him traits that others have shared with me.

In this superhero series, a little boy with autism pretends to be "Chicken Boy" in order to cope with the outside world. Book one introduced us to the quiet boy who comes alive in the rain and book two sheds some light on sensory issues often encountered by children with ASDThe Chicken Boy Series was created to bring awareness by giving those with autism a chance to see parts of themselves in a book and those without autism the knowledge to not be fearful of someone that is different. 

This second book shares why a visit to a doctor or a dentist may be difficult for certain
children. The buzz of a dental drill, the cold of a stethoscope, the smell of rubber gloves, the taste of the toothpaste; all of these can be intensified for children with autism and yet many children can relate to the fears that can surround these visits and can use our superhero's tips to help make the trip to a doctor or dentist just a little bit easier. 

I started working with MeeGenius back in the fall and while the original illustrator was not available to work on this project, the publisher felt our superhero can be open to interpretation and brought in Morgan Swofford to give her take on our hero. And already from the cover…I LOVE what she's done! It's amazing to see something you've lived with for so long grow and change and take on a new meaning. 

I hope all of those that helped me spread the word of the first book will come on board as we follow Chicken Boy on his latest adventure. I'm grateful to MeeGenius for working so hard to get it ready for digital download by Autism Awareness Month and once again…a print book is in the works and will hopefully follow later in the spring!


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