Tuesday, April 15, 2014

It's My Birthday & I'll Blog if I Want To!

That time again. Waking up another year older. This time the calendar says 45 so instead of thinking back on all of those years, I look at what's been happening recently. I've had some losses that have really hurt and some gains that have been amazing. After 14 years together, I was able to legally marry the man I love! And while still publishing books (the latest kid's book just recently out), I'm also expanding into film and learning so much about it.

I love to learn. I think what makes me the most crazy is being complacent. If I'm not growing, learning, trying something new…it's as if I've given up. Reading everything I can about film and screenwriting, attending classes - all part of learning. Some other exciting things are on the horizon that I can't discuss just yet, but I can't help but contemplate on those as well today.

One big thing with this year was waking in January and deciding it was time to make a change to the man in the mirror and I'm now almost 40 pounds lighter which makes this 45 year old body feel much better. (I say 'almost' as the scales change depending on the day.) But like Frank DeCaro said recently on his Sirius radio show, losing that much weight makes larger people like us think everyone must be looking and thinking

"Damn…how much did you weigh?" I so relate to Frank, but also inspired by people like him that know we can make changes with ourselves at any time we put our mind to it. And while I'm about 25 pounds away from next goal (yes…I've broken up those goals & I hit my birthday one), I need to stop and be happy with this person now that is lighter than he was on January 1st.

If I could share anything with people today it's to never, NEVER think you're too old to make a change in your life. Don't become paralyzed into thinking you are stuck. Life is too short to not be happy. It may be something as simple as opening the windows and cleaning your house (or cleaning house on your Facebook page), or it may be larger like a huge leap with your career (that a dear friend of mine is doing now and says she thanks me for my book Cool Side of the Pillow for pushing her along) - but whatever it is: GO FOR IT! Don't wait for your own birthday to decide if you're where you want to be in life. 

Use mine today to make that decision and start right now!

(How's that for a rah-rah speech & my pseudo-Ted Talk?)

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