Friday, May 23, 2014

A Change in Scenery

Last week I started a new job at a quaint village along the Hudson River in Westchester County, NY. Irvington-on-the-Hudson is one of the Rivertowns in that beautiful area. While doing similar work to what I had previously done in NJ where I managed an arts center, one still must take time to transition into the job to learn the procedures set in place for that organization. So occasionally, you need to get away from the desk and get outside.

I did just that twice this week when I knew I'd be staying into the evening for events at the theater. Not being from the area, I had no idea about the Old Croton Aqueduct Trails. A former water distribution system that brought water from the Croton River to New York City between 1837 and 1842, it is now an amazing set of trails. Do you ever notice how a change of scenery can give you a change of mindset? Not only was I happy that I was able to get my steps in for my Fitbit to stop yelling at me, but it offered a calming effect in what can usually be chaos when one is starting a new job (another change in scenery). 

The trails take you past historical homes and monuments and one can't help but get caught up in the history and be in awe of the fact you are only 30 minutes outside of a huge metropolis like New York City. My mind cleared and the sights, smells, and sounds actually took me back to my childhood. My grandparents lived in the country in Texas and I would spend summers at their house and playing in the woods with cousins. Memories flooded my mind as I walked along those trails and it was wonderful to spend that time in my mind thinking about something other than thoughts that usually fill my brain.

Thank you to those that had the smarts to keep this amazing trail as it is for so many people to use as we all enjoy walks for different reasons. I have a feeling this will become a great refuge for me as I make this new village my home-away-from-home when I'm at work at the Irvington Town Hall Theater. And if you ever need a change of scenery and find yourself in this part of the country, be sure and take in these amazing trails.

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