Monday, June 30, 2014

Artistic Spaghetti

I've been known to dabble in many creative worlds - not wanting to be told I can only do one thing. (Who really likes to be told anything?) Recently I've said I was just throwing things against a wall to see what would stick and a friend dubbed it as artistic spaghetti.

I LOVE my artistic spaghetti.

It makes me so happy to keep my mind going in a creative realm, whatever that may be. I realize how lucky I am to have a spouse that supports all my desires to be in the artistic world and June has been an amazing time in that world for me.

SPT Reading
I officially started my new job as the Theater Manager of the historic Irvington Town Hall Theater in Irvington, NY. There I get to start new programming while being surrounded by creative people coming and going as they present wonderful productions and event.

I had a reading of my play Well With My Soul at the Seeing Place Theater in NYC and then turned around and submitted it for another contest dealing with LGBT themed works. The value of hearing your work come alive can't be measured. My hope is to get it into the hands of a theater willing to take the time to develop it fully.

NJ Film School
I signed up months ago for a crash course in filmmaking as I wanted to be able to talk shop with my director on the film HE IS GONE while she was busy filming the teaser for our film and we're in fundraising mode. I've always wanted to do more film work.  We've been expanding ASD Publishing to ASD Media & Entertainment to allow for film, theater projects and other creative endeavors. That class at the NJ Film School opened my eyes to so much. As a theater director for years, I am now certain I want to direct my own short that I've written based on my book Proud Pants. And who knows what will come next!

And Chicken Boy continues to fly and keep me creatively involved in the autism world. I was involved in a fun twitter party with other MeeGenius authors as we discussed their author challenge they are doing again. I'm taking the books to Cape Cod next month to share with children there. And some other things may be in the works that can't be discussed publicly yet, but once I can - naturally I'll share them.

Yes - like an artist with a huge canvas that I've thrown paint on, I'm waiting for that one thing to stick and stay on the wall. But I also enjoy the process. It's not always about the finished product. I love learning and experiencing new things. If I stop learning and trying, I think that's when I'll just dry up. 
So this non-Italian will continue cooking spaghetti until he's done!

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