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Celebrate Gay Pride with Ex Gay Minister

Book Release Party Oct '11
Yes, you read that blog title correctly. Many people thought I was crazy as a gay man to write about an ex gay minister, but it was his internal conflict that drew me to him and wanted to share his story. And now, I get the chance to share his story in a totally new way. 

I am so honored to have a reading of my play Well With My Soul presented at The Seeing Place Theater in NYC as part of their TSP Unplugged Readings Series. My play about a conflicted self-professed "ex-gay" man joins two well known titles presented in their series,  in conjunction with their main stage production of The Laramie Project, to kick off Gay Pride Week in NYC on June 23rd…I am beside myself! Honored. Humbled. Blessed. So much thanks to this company that presents challenging and sometimes controversial subject matters.

The Unplugged Reading Series is a FREE AEA reading and will take place on Monday, June 23rd at 7pm (arrive by 6:45 to get a seat) with a talk-back after the reading at ATA's Sargent Theater (314 W 54th Street…4th Floor) Between 8th & 9th Ave in NYC. (Also - do not miss your chance to see The Laramie Project presented during gay pride month.)

Those that follow this blog know that WELL WITH MY SOUL was my first novel published in fall of 2011 after years of writing it, but some may not know it was written as a play first (with a small reading held in '07). After not touching the play version in years, I returned to it last year - diving into the 15 years covered in the book to find a new way to tell this controversial story. A story that very few know is actually based on more truth than fiction. And now with James Franco getting ready to tackle the story of "ex-gay" Michael Glatze in a film and marriage equality gaining stronger momentum daily, the timing felt right to share a story from the 80s that is not really that long ago in the LGBT history. A story that many people in the LGBT community have lived in one way or another. I can't wait to hear the Seeing Place Theater's patrons constructive thoughts after the reading.

National Coming Out Day '11
So if you are in NYC, please come and join us and give me your thoughts on what you hear!

About the play:  Jacob Garrett, a transplant southern minister living in New York City in the late 80s, believes he is doing God's will by trying to get a young gay man to pray away the gay. But while sharing stories of his past that included drugs, homosexuality, and an arrogant lifestyle, Jacob's own life as a married father seems to have more turmoil than peace. Told in a non-linear way, Well With My Soul captures two lifetimes battling within one soul.

Here is a list of the Seeing Place Theater's full FREE reading series for Gay Pride Month:

Mon, June 16 & June 24 (7pm)

The chilling epilogue to THE LARAMIE PROJECT which asks the question, "How does society write its own history?" By Moises Kaufman and members of Tectonic Theater Project.

Tue, June 17 (7pm)

Moises Kaufman uses trial transcripts, personal correspondence, interviews and other source materials to tell the story of the downfall of the great man of letters whose artistic genius has long been overshadowed by the scandal surrounding his imprisonment.

Mon, June 23 (7pm) -
WELL WITH MY SOUL by Gregory G. Allen
This new play explores the story of a man who becomes a pastor to try to "pray away the gay" in others and in himself. Told in a non-linear way, WELL WITH MY SOUL captures two lifetimes battling within one soul.

Tue, June 24 (7pm)

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