Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Random Acts of Kindness

When you think of an act of kindness, do you suddenly picture a boy scout taking an elderly woman across the street? There are numerous ways to show kindness throughout the day. A please. A thank you. Words can go a long way in treating someone in how you would like to be treated.

And then there are those pay-it-forward moments. We hear of those on social media. Someone pays for the person behind them in line. Leaves a note on a car window. Even using social media to share someone's story that may be trying to raise money to get an operation for their child. 

Some of those things don't take much of your time or effort. And guess what? It really DOES make you feel good doing something for someone else that is selfless and without prompting. Try it and tell me if you don't get a warm place in that chest like the Grinch!

Recently I stopped into a quick-stop Mexican eatery and noticed a long line. Yet the person at the cash register was working over time to make every customer feel special, at ease - going above and beyond. Her attitude also trickled down to the other employees working that line. I discovered she was the owner of the store and dealing with so much that day. The soda machine had given out,  water was leaking all around it, and she was using a smile and occasional queso and ice cream samples as apologies to customers. Her staff was working hard to keep water soaked up while serving customers, yet the owner wanted people to remember their experience and not the mess of the day.

After finishing my meal, I stood around waiting for her until she asked if she could help me. I just felt the need to tell her how great it was to watch her. I even said I wished I was on Undercover Boss and could tell her she was getting some great gift, but I just wanted her to know what she was doing was not going unnoticed. I threw some money into the tip jar for the hard working people, we exchanged names and she said said she hoped I would tell people about her place and I was on my way.

A small thing to do, but so many times we just move on with our day not even thinking about all the 'stuff' someone else may be dealing with. 

Random acts of kindness; paying-it-forward…it really doesn't take too much of our time to do it now and again.

To Franchise owner, Mia Diprizito at Moe's Southwest Mexican Grill in Paramus, NJ - I salute you for being an awesome owner and all around cheerful person! And if you are in the Paramus area, stop by and feel greeted with -  "Welcome to Moe's!" Know that when Mia says it…she means 'welcome'. 

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