Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Taking The Stage - Alone

I'm always so impressed with people that can get up and do a one-person show. Cabaret artist do it. They take us away in song strung together with patter/stories and entertain us for an hour to 90 minutes. I've seen plays that may be based on real people, Tea For Three and even Audra's award-winning performance as Billie Holiday. Then there are those that the person performing is taking us on a journey of their one story. Bill Bowers. Man 1: Bank 0. Each of them showing their venerability through laughter and sometimes tears.

Tonight I got to witness the first preview of The Lion - an American Premiere musical at City Center presented by Manhattan Theatre Club. And while it's not opening and I shouldn't 'review' this new work - I just want to say: go see this limited engagement.

I had no idea what to expect. I knew it was a one man show. I knew he was playing his guitar. That's all I knew. Benjamin Scheuer has truly shown us his soul in both words and music. He takes us on the journey of love, loss..of life and he plays - and plays - and man, can this man strum a guitar. Pathos. Pain. Incredible beauty. 

As a reader and a publisher, I am drawn to memoir. I love to see what makes someone tick. Why they are the way they are and especially what they have learned from an experience. I always want a 'take--away' at the end of the chapter, and Mr. Scheuer gave an amazing take away tonight.

Thank you for sharing it and as always, thanks to MTC for presenting such wonderful works.

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