Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sorry - Grateful

Sondheim used those words in a title of a song from his musical COMPANY and there are times in my life I'm sorry for things, but lately - it's grateful. 

Today I celebrate my three year anniversary of being a published author with Proud Pants.

I'm grateful to say that story has caused me to want to step into a new world and direct a short film.

At that same time three years ago, I was busy preparing my first novel Well With My Soul to be published three months after Proud Pants - three years later, a reading of that play based on the novel was done. Grateful.

Oddly enough, it was about a week later on July 21st of 2011 that I went to my weekly dinner with my godson and created a short story on a napkin. The story was the genesis of the Chicken Boy series and three years and two books later, I continue to share that story with children all over. (I will be taking it to Cape Cod in a few weeks to the Provincetown Library.)

So Grateful.

A friend told me recently this was my year, but if we don't stop and show how thankful we are for each and every year…well, it's like forgetting to stop and smell the roses.

Be grateful for each mountain you climb in life no matter how large or small. Your triumphs may be completely different from mine and that is what makes personal victories so nice - they are personal.

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