Thursday, July 31, 2014

Summer Vacation Thoughts

It's no secret…I love to travel. I've been doing it for years. To see new sites, enjoy different cultures and yes - to rest. But I've also always loved the community you get when visiting a B&B or a small Inn. So different from a large hotel chain, you actually get to know strangers during breakfast. Talk about likes/dislikes. Where people are visiting from. It's all part of the experience. 

I've been visiting Provincetown off and on for several years and here are some things I've learned on my current trip to Cape Cod.

1) Just because a place felt small and intimate on a previous visit doesn't mean the staff, the guests, and the experience will be the same. Do your homework to find the place that best suits your needs. That place that had the community of a B&B may now be so large that guests are just one of many. (And socializing among the guests takes a back seat.)

2) I am not 22. Vacation late night drinking means a zombie day the following day. I should no longer think I can do that to my body and it won't revolt against me as revenge.  

3) One can only walk up and down Commercial Street in P-Town so many times during a week. It can get old. So plan day trips to go somewhere else on the Cape for a change of scenery.

4)  Wow. The Cape is one place I can really relax and let go of regular life. I have caught up on so much sleep this week. Amazing. Next week I hit the ground running, but for now - it has been heaven to be able to wake in the morning and allow myself the luxury of falling back to sleep.

5) Everyone will claim to have the best lobster roll, clam chowder, (fill in food here). Just go with it and know they all mean well.

6) Provincetown caters to different groups of people with different theme weeks. Be careful choosing or you may end up there during "Men Who ReFuse to Shave Their Backs" week. For us, it was "Family Week"…and as much as I love kids, it was a very different trip up and down the street than what we're used to in the past.

7) Piano bars are great places to meet new people when you are in your 40s and older. I can't stand at a dance club, listening to thumping music and think I'll be able to hear what someone is saying. But joining in on a 70s song or a show tune with a stranger opens one up to fun communication.

8) When all is said and done, I could still see myself retiring here at least during the summer months. Maybe one day.

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