Sunday, August 17, 2014

Well That's a First

There is a reason people always remember their first. Think about it for a moment - we all talk about first steps, first words, the first time we did "X". The first time is an exciting time because it's all new to us. New is an adventure plus we're not sure what to expect. First can also be full of uncertainty with a slight fear of the unknown. But it's how we approach those firsts and react to them often determines if we want to return to that particular thing again.

It's been four years this month since I wrote my first blog and I never knew if I'd continue doing it. That first blog was about getting published in an anthology and the excitement I felt from experiencing it. Now over 48 months and 81,000 hits later on this blog, I continue to share my opinions and feelings over many different topics. But oddly enough - many of those blogs have been about Firsts. Seeing my book on Amazon for the first time. That first review I read of my work. Walking into a bookstore and that overwhelming feeling of seeing my book on the shelf. Or the first time I visited a certain city or place.

Sometimes we experience something that we don't want to try again (ok, I won't give examples of those - but we all have them). I still honestly believe I learn during those experiences too. 

As I've walked into new territory the past year with filmmaking, I'm experiencing many firsts again. Trepidation. Excitement. A few let downs. It's all part of the package. Yet again, I find myself taking notice of each of those first moments and filing them away in my memory bank. I don't ever want to forget that feeling one gets when they see their film listed on IMDB,  an actor reads their screenplay and gives amazing feedback, or you get the exact right collaboration of people together to work on a project.

Think about some of your firsts. Take time to remember how it felt and allow yourself to enjoy it again. We all deserve that jolt of excitement now and again.

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