Friday, August 8, 2014

Young Filmmakers Get Their Moment

Can you remember when you were in high school and someone told you that they believed in you? You could accomplish whatever you put your mind to? Today I got to witness that first hand when a group of very talented high school students screened their final film projects at The Angelika Film Center in NYC. 

A very special young lady in my life was accepted to this prestigious summer program offered by the Tisch School of the Arts at NYU. I have watched her creating films for years, but the past 4 weeks she has been immersed in living the life of a non-stop filmmaker. Traveling the city to different locations. Acting as director, DP, editors - these students do it all. Today they each had a short film they had written and directed, but also worked as teams on music videos and would help out on classmates projects serving in numerous roles.

Greg & Filmmaker Natalie
As I watched the talent that filled that room - students that had traveled from all across the country to be there - it hit me how lucky they each are to have people that believe in them. These are teens that live/sleep/breathe creative arts! Not a field that all parents can get behind and yet each of them are chasing their dreams and got a chance to live it. (And to have their film screened at the Angelika, I hope each of them knows just how amazing that is.) Not only do they have the support of their families, but the faculty that spoke today left such wonderful words of wisdom for these budding filmmakers.

Natalie is heading into her senior year of high school and I can only believe this has changed who she will be this final year of her school career. I'm sure her mind (as well as the other students there today) will all be thinking about what happens after high school, what film school they'll get into, and dreaming of that moment they win their oscar.

I know I can't wait until that day I see her accepting her first award as I'm sure there will be many in her future.

Congrats to all of the young filmmakers today! It was awesome to experience this with you.

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