Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Phases of Filmmaking

If you are around the film industry at all or just a lover of movies, you always hear about preproduction, production, and post-production. Each phase carries their own weight and I won't go into details on what each entails because you can buy a book to read up on that. I will talk about what these phases mean to me personally when I'm directing a project. 

In preproduction, you plan and you plan and you plan. You are looking for people that you know you can work with, trust their judgment and utilize their assets to help you get to that point of production. You doubt yourself and your abilities. You wonder if you are crazy. But you have those people around you pushing your forward. I was extremely lucky in this phase.

In production - you are shooting your film. It's what many say is the smallest portion of the entire process. Once again, I was sooo lucky in this phase and even blogged about it once it was over. It was an amazing time and I instantly had that sad feeling that one gets when something ends. I was going to miss these people - that family that you create and spent time with - even if it was for only two days on our shoot.

But then we jumped right into post-production and a completely different part of my brain went into use. It's as if you start to market the film before it's even done. Yet you must if you are trying to raise funds to finish the film: people need to KNOW about it which means marketing.

You want to ride the creative wave of the project while raising money so you start putting together your post-production team. Editors, composers, songwriters, design teams - this is when you begin to sift through resumes and reels hoping you can find the right collaboration for your project. While I was so sad when the production part ended, being involved in this portion has rejuvenated me all over again.

Our music team is incredible. I can't wait for people to hear what Mikey is writing as an original score and the song that Nicki has written for the closing credits. 

The producers that are helping with fundraising have been top-notch and with 20 days left to go on our IndieGoGo campaign, we are 83% towards our goal.

And then joining up with an editor that understands your sensibilities and connects to the story…that doesn't view it as "just another job" - words can't express how much I've loved working with Rob the past two weeks. (A film director/writer as well as an editor.) I feel just as in sync with him as I did working with my DP Jeff during the shoot. The work an editor does by compiling all of those scenes, enhancing moments by making different decisions, and painstakingly searching for the perfect sound to bump a certain moment - it is all incredible. I am so excited about our rough cut and yet I know he still has more work to do - which means I'll be over the moon when I see the finished product!
Rob Moretti - Editing MOTHER

I've said this film has been a labor of love for all involved and that has been true from start to finish. I think people bring their own stories to it - their relationship with their own moms - and that is perfect for this particular film. People have been touched from the first phase through the last and I hope that continues as we contact festivals and get this film out there in 2015 for all to see.

What a ride…and it's one I know I'll be taking again.

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