Sunday, November 23, 2014

Birthdays are Days To Be Grateful

I know that Thursday is Thanksgiving, but I'm so thankful today because someone extremely special to me was born on this day. Someone that without, I wouldn't be who I am. The love and support of my husband, to allow me to live out my creative dreams - words can't describe how lucky that I am for so many reasons.

I've blogged before about people that take risks and make career changes later in life - but what about those that know what they are good at and stick to it. Anthony is one of those people. For over 25 years he has been at the same place serving people in a way that many would find unfathomable. As a radiation therapist, he attacks cancer head-on daily; even when he has lost loved ones to this horrible disease. He is kind, caring and keeps his patients laughing and smiling everyday. I don't know how he manages to keep up that cheerful disposition in his job, but I sure do admire that quality. (And he gets beautiful notes from people thanking him for it.)

Even outside of his job, anyone that comes in contact with Anthony instantly likes him. He can talk about anything to anyone (which means I never have to worry when I take him to a party or an event where we need to mingle). The man can work a room. While we may enjoy some of the same things in life, we also know it's okay to have other interests. Allowing those differences in our lives have kept our relationship going strong; even when at times we have to stop and evaluate. (Ant is a bowler - that's right - he's on the work bowling team.)

No one can make me laugh like Anthony. We literally sit at home at night cracking each other up with those stupid things that only couples can do.  We often say it was good we found each other later in life because we knew who we were as people by the time we met and that has been wonderful for our relationship. We can usually detect when the other needs something and try as much as possible to accommodate it. (No - we are not perfect in this area, but who is?) 

Still - he has ended up on stage for me in a show I directed when he would never in a million years thought of doing anything like that, produced our short film together, travels with my family, and puts up with my picky eating.  Yes - I am very grateful this Thanksgiving week to have such a person that I can call my other half. And today, I am so thankful he was born all those years ago so that one day we would find each other.

One thing he hates is his birthday. I'm sure I'm embarrassing him with this blog.  But after spending over 14 years with him, I think I should get to embarrass him now and again. Happy Birthday, Ant. I'm the luckiest man to celebrate with you and wish you many, many more ahead. Love you.