Sunday, November 9, 2014

Journey into Crowd-funding

What a ride.

The fundraising campaign that annoyed everyone that follows me anywhere on social media has finally come to an end. Those involved in any type of independent, non-profit, or charity work can attest to how hard it is to raise funds to accomplish any project. I've worked in all three areas in my life and depending on the kindness of others can be daunting and satisfying at the same time.

I set out on the journey unsure of what would happen. Would I meet my goal? Would anyone care? I mean, after all, I'm not Zach Braff or Veronica Mars…both of which raised tons for their projects. Then I found other projects that were crowd funding success stories.  I thought there was no way we'd hit our goal, but if you don't try

Well - was I ever wrong! People came to our aid and it was amazing. Either seeing the stills from our shoot, watching the video with our cast/crew talking about their moms, or seeing the trailer our editor finished before the end of the campaign - something caused people to get excited and come onboard. It's always amazing when a stranger gives to a project simply because something in that project speaks to them or they want to pay-it-forward in some way. But for the most part, our funders were friends of people involved in this project and I am extremely grateful to each and everyone of them. 

We met our goal!

We continued working during the entire campaign with our post-production team and in the next 7-10 days - we will have our film completed and begin the process of submitting it to festivals.

The last 4 months from pre-production through now have been so fulfilling to me in numerous ways. I've gotten to work with amazing people and grow my network of a film family that I hope to cross paths again in the future on other projects. 

Thanks again to everyone that helped us get to this place. Sincerely. We could never have done this without all of your help.

Now we put that film out there and see what happens next. Fingers crossed that some festivals will accept it and want to screen it for film-goers. My hope is that this short film will touch someone else's life as much as it has touched each person's that has worked on it.

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