Tuesday, November 18, 2014

When Are You Finished?

Last Saturday I announced on social media that I was done. 

I meant that the editor gave me the final DVD of our short film MOTHER. I was excited. I was sad it had come to an end. I was thankful for the amazing people that have come in my life during the past several months (and have blogged about them before). Another project that I could put that check mark next to on the TO DO list as completed.

Then I realized…I'm not DONE. It's just beginning. 

The point of making a film (just like writing a book) is that you want to get your work out to people. In this case, we want to submit this film to festivals and that work has already begun. There are tons of film festivals all around
the country and the world. Finding the correct ones for your own project means tons of research. Seeing where filmmakers you admire have gone. Looking at the festivals to see where you believe you or someone on your team can attend (if chosen) to represent the work. Luckily, I started all of this during post-production and had my spread sheet made. I knew that I had missed the cutoff for some festivals, but working hard to make the deadline for others. So many occur in April and those cut-offs are happening now. Then there will be more in summer and next fall and I'll go through this process again to meet those deadlines.

Marketing has also begun. One would think you may not need that media kit until you know if you've been selected for a festival, but if you use one of the online film submission sites - it is best to jump on it now and start writing. Synopsis. Stories about the process. Bios. Photos. There is so much involved. And it's a wonderful tool to use to make yourself think about your film, the process, the stories you want to share and to help with any kind of 'buzz' you need to start on your film. For me, it has been an amazing process that I know already has touched so many people involved with the film. Now I hope that audiences will feel the same way when they see it.

So to answer the question…I'm not sure when we're ever really finished.

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