Saturday, December 20, 2014

The Views of Others

When I was young, I always hung out with older people and thought I knew so much…now as I get older, I realize how much I still had to learn during those years. And yet - I don't want to be those older people that think their views are the only ones that are valid. Recently as Whoopi Goldberg played the "I'm a 60 year old woman" trump card on THE VIEW, it occurred to me the oldest in the room many times wants to share that badge with everyone. As if age always equals the most knowledge. Yet there is much to learn from a younger generation. Look at how quickly technology has changed the past ten years. Social media becoming a large part of marketing…and our lives. All from a new generation.

There have been many major events in the news this month and many of those have to do with history and change. From the changes in our relationship with Cuba to the racial tensions that continue to plague our country to even a certain film being shut down because of relationships with another country, history plays an important part in everything we discuss. 

I notice it even on a personal level. I started a new job this year where I must balance the incredible history of the place with the desire for change to occur. I realize this is similar to the events in the news. Everyone is seeking a balance. 

Change is never easy in any situation. People become afraid of it. Some don't even want to
Different 'Views" Should Matter
see it happen. But thankfully, it's the younger generation that doesn't carry all of that history with them and in those cases turning to them can be smart. They allow us to move forward because they don't hold on to the past. Yes, they need to listen to the oldest person in the room that announces their age and honor that history, but that older person needs to realize there are other possible ways to view a situation. It can be a peaceful protest, an online movement, or yes, Whoopi - even those not-of-color realizing what racism is…but sometimes the younger generation may have an answer that will work if we are all just willing to stop and listen.


  1. Well said. It often surprises me how often friends my age or older are unaware of news or other developments because they haven't changed with the times. Older doesn't always mean smarter, except in our cases of course.