Friday, January 2, 2015

This American Goes to Paris

I've just returned from a trip abroad where I got to enjoy my first time in Paris. This trip was different than those I've taken in the past because I was taking my 21 year old niece for a graduation gift on a trip she has talked about since she was a little girl. We enjoyed the city of lights together and talked about some of our favorite moments on our last night in town as we welcomed in 2015. I decided to put together a list here for those that may be planning their own trip to this beautiful city.

Listing of favorite things in no particular order:

1) Our first day we walked along the Seine River and our anticipation grew as we got closer and closer to the Eiffel Tower and it grew larger and larger. It was very cool.

2) Climbing to top of The Arc de Triomphe to see the view of the city…I learned what breathtaking actually meant.  

3) While there, we saw the out-of-town tryout of the Broadway bound An American in Paris - first time this movie has been done on stage and it was electric. The casting, the dancing, actually being IN Paris while seeing it…definitely a highlight of our trip.

4) While we crammed many notable places into our trip, I couldn't wait to see Notre-Dame Cathedral. The first time I saw it was at night during a cruise on the river and it was glorious to come upon it all lit up. Then when we finally visited it on our last day, I loved climbing to the top to be among the Gargoyles!

5) My most favorite thing - seeing it all through the eyes of my niece.

Here are a few things that I'll think of whenever I now think of Paris.

1) Bread. 



2) Our lovely cobblestone street where the flat we called home in the 6th arrondissement was located.

3) Smoking a pack of cigarettes second-hand just by walking down the street. Even with smoking banned in buildings now in Paris, it's still the city of smoke.

4) Steps. Our flat, the catacombs, Notre Dame, Arc, walking through Versailles - everywhere we went…steps!

5) It's not called the city of lights for nothing. They truly know how to light beautiful monuments at nighttime. 

It was a magical and wonderful trip! A great ending to 2014 and one I'll remember for sharing with a special young woman about to start a new life as a special needs teacher. So proud of her!


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