Friday, February 20, 2015

How To Pick The Best

It's awards season for Hollywood and people are placing bets and clambering to get behind their favorite movie, actor, writer - the list goes on.

It's a given that most of us love to win at whatever we are doing, but it's so difficult to compare apples and oranges in some of these races. Many years we see what appears as a clear cut winner and other years it narrows down to just a few (those who have producers with deep pockets to consider their work). But is there really a BEST or is simply a personal preference? What I love, you may hate (and vice versa).  

I don't usually blog or review things that I don't like, so I'll try to make a positive spin on this blog. But wow - I'm not impressed with the movies we get to choose from this year. Yes, there are some amazing acting moments in each of them (Eddie Redmayne, Patricia Arquette,Edward Norton), but it seems we are honoring films that have an interesting plot device,  unique storytelling, or something else that makes them 'different'. Is different always best? I love to be moved when seeing a film, but not made to feel as if I've been on a ride and want to throw-up once the cinematographer has finished taking us on a trip. I've seen five of the nominated Best Pictures and I honestly can't say this season that any one of those jumps out to me and screams Best Picture.  

Star power is another thing that Hollywood loves! Who am I kidding - everyone loves it. So when someone comes along who isn't the <insert biggest name here> of the moment and gives a brilliant performance, their chances may not be so good of winning. Be happy you got nominated because you're not going to make it to the stage. Sad to say, but often true. Hollywood likes to celebrate their own.

Speaking of Hollywood stars…they have popped up so much on Broadway this year. I always want to cheer those that can rise above the hype and the fame and give amazing performances (Jake Gyllenhaal, Bradley Cooper) while others can't seem to save the river they are floating in from swallowing them whole (Love you Mr. Jackman, but I couldn't stomach "The River"). 

But I digress, this is about giving out an award for the best in each field. People will receive Spirit Awards on Saturday night for Indie Films and Oscars on Sunday.  Lives will change as their bankability will go up. Huge amounts of money will be made by studios and yes, I'll be tuned in to watch. I think I prefer those years when I've felt there was a movie I was pulling for to end up on stage.  

If by some grand chance my boyhood dreams place this American in the middle of that game one day…I'll be the no-name-person with whiplash from the experience repeating that old theory: it's great to just be nominated. (Sorry Birdman & Selma - I couldn't fit you in that sentence.)



  1. I'm sure you'll have a Bird's eye view from your couch of the Man that wins best actor. Yeah, I got nothing for Selma either.