Monday, February 9, 2015

Say Hello To My Little Friend

This week a blogger friend of mine came out of the closet on a subject and I thought it was time I did the same. Those close to me already know this secret, but the rest of the world doesn't.

I have a cat.

Not a real cat - that would take too much effort. My Kitty is a stuffed cat celebrating an 8th birthday this week. What started as a Valentine gift for my spouse has turned into a "Where in the World is Kitty" - a traveling gnome that goes on all vacations with us, often angering friends that think Kitty is treated too highly. My friends vacillate between jealousy over Kitty's travels to sometimes asking why the thing hasn't popped up in one of my vacation photos. When at home, Kitty will get in all sorts of mischief and naturally like a good parent…I grab my camera.
A few years ago, the store where I bought Kitty was going out of a business so I bought a backup cat in case we ever lost the original. (Needless to say, my hubby was pissed and banished the Clone Cat to a different room in the house.)

So that's my big secret. Happy birthday to my little friend. And now you all can enjoy some of the travels of Kitty. 

Maybe someday, Kitty will get a children's book created like Chicken Boy.


  1. That's a worse admission than my swearing! But I do like the pictures in different places.bI used to do that with a fake sheep lawn decoration my mom had.

    1. You are right…this is MUCH more embarrassing - but I think I prefer this to the fake sheep. Haha

      I've shared this photos for years with friends, but in honor of Kitty's birthday…figured it was time to come clean. ;-)