Monday, March 30, 2015

Independent Ed

I recently finished reading Independent Ed by Edward Burns. I have always loved how it appeared to us mere mortals that he could slip back and forth between indie and blockbuster films so seamlessly. Now he has shared a book which reads much more like a memoir rather than a "follow my plan and you TOO can be an indie success"! 

I much prefer his approach.

He lets us into his world by saying "hey, this is what worked for me..." That voice of that laid-back guy we see on screen or in interviews comes through loud and clear in this book. I loved it. I felt like I was sitting having a beer with him as he shared his story with us. The man has made so many indie films and many of those have been with very little budget. And somehow, he was able to make it happen. While reading it on my kindle, there was a passage that jumped off my screen and I actually highlighted it. Something his dad said to him which really grabbed me. (Obviously I hadn't read the subtitle on the cover nor did I realize he would return to that over and over so it was meant to grab us.)

He would often reference the young filmmaker that he knew was reading the book which
made me realize something. I missed that gene that says only young people can dream. So many believe once you hit 30, you stop. You switch gears and you give up on whatever that early dream was. I'm 45 and continue to reinvent myself again and again. I'm not afraid to dream. Well let me rephrase that - the fear may be there...but I push through it and just try. 

It was only this past year that I directed my first film and I sure hope it's not my last. I'm excited that it's already been accepted to a few film festivals and that people are responding
positively to my storytelling. But part of being on this independent track that I've been on the past several years as an author is all about putting it out there and knowing that some may like it...some may not. But even as Mr. Burns shows through his successes and failures, it's all about enjoying the ride and loving those moments of bliss that you find in the midst of the project. 

Thanks for sharing with all of us that feel indie is the way to go. Truly an inspiration, Mr. Burns.

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