Thursday, March 5, 2015

Overwhelmed to OverJoyed

I'm one of those people who tend to get involved with too many projects. This drives my spouse crazy, it often causes my own body to revolt against me as stress works its way throughout, and it makes me question my own sanity. I can go for days feeling completely overwhelmed by too many projects in my life and then a corner can turn, that project comes to fruition and I feel overjoyed.

As my mother has always told me, I'm not happy unless I'm being creative. That creativity doesn't always need to come from my own projects - sometimes it's assisting others in any ways that I can. Call it paying-it-forward, call it trying to be helpful (or call it insane for involving oneself in so many things), but I look back at other's accomplishments and I'm excited for being a small part of it.
Visting Stephen in Key West

I've helped several authors over the years get their books published as I wanted them to experience what I have as a published author. Recently I was talking to another author and he described it perfectly - it's a lonely profession! So having someone else to talk to, bounce ideas, and navigate the terrain is a welcomed connection to break the loneliness. Excited for my friend, Stephen, this week as he experienced that and so glad that I could be involved in any way possible.

Tech Rehearsal NEXT FALL
Theater is in my blood. I've done it for as long as I can recall, but walked away from directing/producing several years ago. Now my part time job as a theater manager allows me the opportunity to see the work of many incredible organizations and just this week - bring in another that I've worked with in the past. 4th Wall Theatre is filling a spot we needed on our calendar to share a non-musical play with our Irvington, NY audiences and I was amazed after the first night of their tech rehearsal of the play NEXT FALL. I spent over 12 hours in one day with the creative team behind the show and relished in reliving that joy I had forgotten. On top of it all, the show is beautiful, moving, topical and I hope that many in Westchester County will come out to see it this weekend. (Or those in New Jersey can catch it in Bloomfield the following weekend.)

One of Many Dinners with Arthur
At times, I also act as a dramaturge or a sounding board for other playwrights/directors creating a brand new piece for the stage. Arthur Wooten is doing just that with his play DEAR HENRY that will run this spring in NYC. I've enjoyed every single email and phone discussion we've had as he works toward mounting this one man show.

These are but a few projects on my list now and as each of those get the imaginary line drawn through them on my mental 'to do' list, I may sigh a sense of relief - but there is also a true sense of joy for all of those involved. Creative people make me smile. Seeing people succeed in that creativity - that's heaven.

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