Wednesday, May 27, 2015

God Has Made it to Broadway

Some of my favorite shows I've seen have been small one or two person shows. New York has another in town now that reads much like a stand-up routine...given by God. An Act of God is playing at Studio 54 for a limited run this summer and has a funny premise written by David Javerbaum and directed by Joe Mantello. The man who has taken over twitter as "God" with almost two million followers and has a long history as a writer/producer on late night talk-show TV has brought his act to Broadway. God isn't thrilled with the current commandments and decides to give us some new ones while clarifying a few points from the Bible.

Much of what is happening on stage had me laughing out loud while other points may be a little cringe-worthy to some. The joy of this evening is the fact that God has inhabited Jim Parsons' body and what we get is Jim being Jim. It's fun, it's irreverent, and it's a great way to spend 90 minutes of your time. I'm not sure that Christopher Fitzgerald and Tim Kazurinsky are truly needed as angels, but they do add for some fun sight gags, a little audience participation, and both are very talented men. But it is Parsons many are here to see and he delivers. How one can memorize an entire show such as this is an amazing feat. Half talk-show (he is sitting there on a sofa for much of the show) and half stand-up, his God is a funny deity that has much to say for how things have gone down since the Commandments were first written.

I felt the show moved along at a great clip (while I've heard from others it becomes a long night for them). I think there is an audience for this show and it may not be the regular theater-going crowd. I'm not sure how critics will take to it, but obviously Javerbaum has been doing something right on social media and knows what jokes work and which ones don't. Whatever critics may say, it's a limited run, people will be making deals with the devil (or scalpers) to see Parsons and this show could continue with God taking over the body of another celebrity.

Grab a few cocktails and get to Studio 54 to be schooled by God. 

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