Thursday, June 18, 2015

America is Broken

America is broken.

In the 1860s when America fought the Civil War, a line was drawn and there were battles to fight for what each side believed. Nowadays, people take to social media and declare war on 'the other side' for a multitude of issues. In the 1860s, the country was divided over racism and the right to own another human being. Nowadays, this country is still divided over racism only people aren't as forthcoming over their feelings. Many thought having the first black president would show progress and change, yet it seems the tensions have only gotten worse. You can look at any headline of accounts across the country and see it happening over and over. People get mad and blame the liberal media for propagating something they believe to not be real. Others blame a particular news channel for choosing words that incite people to anger. Then both sides point fingers and never listen to the other. 

I see it on social media where people are writing horrible racists rants and then turn around and will praise God in their next posts. Oddly enough, racist white people do not have a strong hold on religion. It was in a church that black people were just massacred when they were doing nothing but worshiping God. And the moment the words "confederate flag" are mentioned, both sides once again go on attack as that symbolizes something different for each group.

It's not only racism that has our country broken. It's religion as well. We are a melting pot of many cultures, religions, and societies and yet we can't seem to accept how someone else chooses to live. Marriage equality (which many read as "special gay rights") has everyone in an uproar as well - believing it shouldn't be allowed in 'Merica. That issue has ripped at the seams of our country (as well as other countries around the world). Change frightens people; the unknown terrifies. 

I have no answers. I too am part of the problem as a person who believes the 'other side' is bat-$h*t crazy in some of the beliefs they have. But I find it drains me, it drags me down, and around political season - I get to the point that I don't even want to turn on the computer and read anything.

How is this country ever going to come together? Or are we simply going to fall apart? There are many that feel a divide is warranted, but just because people see issues differently - does that really mean they should secede from the country and start their own? (Yes, my home state is one that says that over and over.)

Today I am a sad American.

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