Friday, June 5, 2015

My Mom's New Journey

My mother is my hero.

The woman literally has no fear. I'm sure I get much of my 'go for it' attitude from her, but she continues to show that fearlessness all the time. A few years ago I blogged about her fight against breast cancer and how she came out on the other side victorious. Now, in her late 60s - she's decided to simply change courses in her life and start a new. Leaving her home, moving into an apartment in another town closer to my sister and nieces…completely uprooting the life she knows and going after another one. 

That takes tremendous guts and again…the woman is showing no fear. 

Mom has always been involved with early childhood education as a pre-school teacher for years and for the last nine, serving as a foster grandparent in the school district in her town. While many people retire and travel, my mom retired several years ago and knew she wanted to continue to work. She lives for those kids (and is actually stir crazy during summer months). Today is her last day with the kindergarten class and the children, teachers, and staff at Terrell Elementary that she has grown to love and consider as family. Speaking of family, she lives in the small town where she was born with siblings and nieces and nephews that she loves dearly. But she knows this change in what she believes to be the right thing in her life and so in three weeks, she'll be moving. I wish her well on this new adventure in her life. 

I hope that the foster grandparent association in Dallas County sees what an asset she would be to have them in her school district there and she can jump right back in next September in a new school where she can touch the lives of other children as she has done for most of her life.

Happy last day of 'school', mom! I know they are all going to miss you - but I know there are many that are looking at you with awe and inspiration as you start the next chapter of your life.

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