Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Free Download for Long Weekend

I've been working on a screenplay based on my book Cool Side of the Pillow. The book was published two years ago and holds a special place for me because of the themes of life changes, theater, friendship, and family. 

In honor of working on it for a new medium, I've made the download free from July 1-3. So grab it up now for your kindle and have something to read beach side this long weekend!

Zachary Kleinmann lives in the elite world of New Canaan, Connecticut and has left his accounting job four years earlier to be a modern stay-at-home father. But as his son is starting preschool, his wife is passionately involved in her own career, and Zach is knocking on forty years old, he begins to wonder how he will find his own serenity and define himself moving forward. 

Enter Ginger Charman, an older, eccentric, free living children's theater actress who has dedicated her life to bringing joy to children and keeping all those around her young at heart. As Zach is pulled into her world and discovers secrets about his new friend, he is not sure he'll ever be able to leave the rabbit hole once he has fallen through - or if he'll even want to venture outside of it again.

I started my career as a theater actor many years ago and found it a fitting place to plunge a greenhorn into for the setting of this novel. The protagonist is a "regular" guy that is attempting to juggle all the areas of his life; fatherhood, a wife passionately involved in her own work, his lack of motivation; all while dealing with a marriage in a slump. Zachary Kleinmann is on a search without even knowing it when he meets Ginger Charman. Her youthful outlook and non-conformist ways are just the thing the thirty-nine year old dad needs to pull himself out of his self-imposed state of complacency. As the title indicates, Zachary is looking for something calming in his life as one does when they flip over a pillow in bed. I hope this book appeals to many: dads, theater lovers, and contemporary fiction readers from all walks of life.

Enjoy the free download and share it with your friends!

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