Thursday, July 9, 2015

The Trump Factor

I used to be a die-hard Apprentice fan and then I stopped watching it when I got tired of some of Trump's antics off-air. To me, he was the school yard bully using social media to create fights with people to keep his name constantly in the spotlight. Using words like stupid, ignorant, and the worst to describe his foes. (Those same 5th grade words that haven't changed much in his vocabulary through the years.) 

When he announced his run for president, I didn't believe it would actually happen. The GOP race already had a ton of politicians all vying for the spot and believing they could make America great again. But still, this Washington outsider threw his hat in the ring and well...we all know what has happened since. People can't get enough of The Donald. His name-calling and bullying ways have gone from social media to reporters that interview him. He has an air about him that says he doesn't really care if you like him or not and for some reason - this is endearing more people towards him.

Say what you will about his politics, his answers of how he would govern - any of those things: Trump has changed the way this election is going to happen. He is driving the car and people have to jump in or run behind. He brings up a topic and then other candidates are forced to discuss it. Even though I am not a fan, he has shown a huge light on how politicians react. They don't. Instead of coming out and saying something against his stance, they sit and they wait until advisers tell them what to say. Trump doesn't wait. He speaks his mind. He goes on TV without a slew of people feeding him words in his ears. While I think in the long run that is detrimental to how to run a country (I mean, the president STILL has to listen to others even if Trump is used to running a company alone), other candidates could learn a thing or two about NOT being a politician for once and speaking up. Don't wait to say what you think others want to hear. Trump is going to run all over them if they don't. He's getting all the air-time and people are really listening. (And frankly, some of us are tired of what he is saying.)

Yes, part of me still believes he may be working for the Hillary campaign and this is all part of a bigger plan to get her elected...but in all honestly, the man that I think has the biggest ego in the race is showing how he got to where he is today in the world of business. Come debate time, he's going to be on that stage in The Donald Show while others are left in the wings. Come on GOP - time to take hold of the grand old party.      

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