Monday, August 3, 2015

Massage And Energy Therapy

Provincetown Bay
My body is sharing stories.

I've been seeing a chiropractor for lower back pain the past two months and she knew so much about my life based on my body. Even told me I need to slow down as I'm putting too much pressure on my feet all the time. My acupuncturist has also used my body like a map to tell how I live my life. 

When I travel, I love to get a massage and my recent trip to Cape Cod was no exception. Massage therapists are always great at telling what I do, parts of the body I favor, and working out those kinks and stress spots. A local recommendation was made and I noticed on the person's card holistic treatments and craniosacral therapy and for a moment thought of not going.

That would have been a mistake because the entire experience changed me. 

Namaste Spa
I'm not going to try and convert your views on holistic therapies nor can I truly articulate into words what transpired, but from the moment I was on the table and Ram Charan of Namaste Spa in Provincetown placed his hands on the back of my head, I knew this was a different massage. He worked on lower back, he worked on my stress points - but it was all done in a completely different way from other massages. There was energy flowing through my body in a way I've never felt. There is usually a connection between therapist and client, but this connection went deeper than I can express. I felt I was being filled from the inside out and light was radiating from me. By session's end, I had a deep dread of never experiencing this again. We had a great talk about what had transpired, I shared my anxiety/excitement and made another appointment before leaving town. 

Ram Charan Biz Card
The second session took much less time for me to open up and I was visualizing myself as a child running through a field, feeling a fire/light coming from my own torso, and by the end Ram shared some very illuminating things he found that I definitely struggle with. Again - my body was sharing stories with my therapist. I'm a seeker of knowledge and he tried to tell me there is much one can't understand about energy therapy, but suggested I read up on Rumi. I started reading The Essential Rumi book instantly.  Now I'm back home, wishing my new found spirit animal was closer to take me on this journey again, but also realizing it's already within and perhaps I can find someone local to work with. 

Herring Cove, P-Town
I think my Christian faith always made me believe one shouldn't dabble in anything outside of that belief, but now I see that is simply not true. Rumi is read by many different religions. Energy is God. Meditating can absolutely be prayer as well as allowing yourself to be open to those around you. For me, I was enlightened in a way like no other massage. I am externally grateful for Ram in leading me down that path and believe it was all meant to be the moment his business card was placed in my hand. Wow, what I would have missed out on had I chosen a different place. I can't wait to see what other stories my body has to share as I continue to open up to this new way of therapy. 

Thank you, Ram for an incredible gift and a highlight to a beautifully relaxing vacation.


  1. I’m amazed at how a simple massage had turned into a moment of enlightenment for you. Wisdom and the sense of awareness can really come from the most unexpected places and situation. Thank you for sharing this experience and I’ll be sure to look up the book your massage therapy recommended.

    Mira Hastings @ Universal Spas

  2. You say you are a “seeker of knowledge”, and I’d imagine that had a lot to do with your ability to get so much out of such a massage. It’s always been fascinating to me how much our expectations affect our experiences. I’m very glad there was a break in my usual skepticism so that I could enjoy my first “unusual” massage. Thank you for sharing.

    Brooke Burgess @ East West College

    1. Thanks for your comment, Brooke and I hope you find the same kind of experience that I did.