Friday, November 6, 2015

The New World of Choosing a President

We are a year away from choosing the next president of the United States and I for one am already exhausted. I find myself getting more upset than in years past. Previously, I will admit to being a one issue type of voter. But let me make it clear - that issue was built around my rights as an American. When someone tells me I don't have the right to be equal, you're not getting my vote. But this time around, I'm truly attempting to listen to the multitude of candidates and what they are saying.

However - they're not saying much.

Issues are always pushed aside. It's blaming the other side for whatever state the country is in. Only this time, it completely feels like we're part of the reality tv competition era and the most obnoxious, outlandish, most-twitter-followers person gets the attention. Just like on reality TV when someone flips a table, builds an alliance, or plots to take down a show.

This is not the country I remember growing up in. What has happened? The media attempts to ask questions and report to us so we can understand what candidates are about. (I'll admit, even that seems built around ratings.) However, the candidates get upset with everything the media does. But it's the media MAKING them the reality stars they are becoming. They are out there on book tours, hosting SNL, seeing how many shows they can get on...and then complaining the moment someone questions them about their past, something they've said or done, or....vetting them for the country so we can learn about the two dozen people running.

In the past, it was mud-slinging among candidates. Now it's screaming just for the sake of screaming. I'm truly frightened for our country. This was never how I saw us choosing a president...where we would continue to vote different people off the island until the last man or woman is standing. 

It's going to be a long year and I just hope that the field will narrow down enough where we can truly hear about true issues that affect us as a society and not strange and asinine comments that are simply meant to get more airtime. 

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