Thursday, February 25, 2016

A Divided America

This has to be the craziest election year I can recall. Allow me to start with a positive. Obviously people are not satisfied with our government which accounts for such extremes happening in both parties. I myself wish we could do away with the two party system and perhaps congress and the rest of our government could actually accomplish things. It was sort of clear we were heading this way when the Tea Party was created, but I'll admit I didn't expect the Democrats to be splitting as well with a candidate who offers some pretty extreme ways of thinking outside of his party...almost as much as the GOP front runner, but minus the hate. However, this is an example that people are NOT happy with the current state of our party systems...on either side.

Now I can't be as positive. I'm frightened. Scared for where our country is headed, how we look on the global stage, and if we are due for another civil war of some sort. I completely agree with government reform, but I also prefer to have someone in the White House that actually knows something about politics. It's an awesome thought to bring in a businessman to help run the government, but wouldn't that make more sense as a cabinet position? Not the leader of the free world.

It feels like the slogan of American Pride truly means bigoted pride. Diversity is a bad word (oops...I use it all the time). Keep others out. Build a wall. It will all be great even though I'm not telling you how I'm going to make it great. Americans are caught up in the celebrity of this candidate and seem to think we are voting for American Idol and not the president of our country. It truly baffles me.

Of course, part of me also believes this man isn't really a republican or a democrat. He is whatever he needs to be depending on who he is dealing with. So he could very well get the nomination, end up in the white house and change all his views on everything. That's also frightening no matter which side of the issues you sit on.

I grew up in Texas and saying I wanted to smack someone wasn't meant to be literal. However I tweeted it once about someone I was watching (on reality TV) and was sent a private message admonishing me for my words when I have a platform of adversity, diversity, equal rights, first I thought the person was over-reacting, but realized my tiny little corner of social media must get to some people and they didn't approve of my word choices.

Amplify that by millions and you have Donald Trump. The man wants to punch a protester in the face. He makes fun of people with disabilities and attacks women. He enjoys name calling as if he's on a 5th grade playground. He makes horrible remarks and his audiences rally and cheer reminding me of that movie The Running Man...which was a reality TV Game Show where Richard Dawson whipped his crowd into a frenzy. That's what we'll have with Trump in Washington. A reality star who could care less if he says the wrong thing. He'll call it being PC, I call it being a responsible leader. Perhaps it works in the private sector, but this is not who I want running my country. If someone from across the world can send me a private message because I want to smack someone that is acting a fool on HGTV, imagine how others are going to view a President Trump.

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