Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The Face of Honesty?

If you live in New Jersey and have ever questioned the sincerity, integrity, and honesty of our governor all one needs to do is have followed him on his quest to become the next president of the United States.

He went into it believing he could bully his way through as he has done with teachers, police, and fire fighters in our state. Little did he know a bigger bully with a much larger platform would take that spotlight right off of him. So what does he do? He decides to be the one to go after the big bully on the playground calling him a carnival barker and entertainer-in-chief. That backfires and he can't gain any traction in his crusade towards being president even though he has spent months away from his home state as he campaigns in other states. 

The man who cut pensions for state workers and who was embroiled in Bridge-gate goes home defeated where he is met by constituents upset that he has spent so much time away and has forgotten his mop to assist in cleaning up his own state. He finally makes a public appearance and when reporters try and ask questions that he deems off topic, he shuts them down as fast as he can. See, the bully is back on his turf and feels like the big man on campus once again.

But with aspirations beyond the garden state, he turns around and gives the big bully running for president his first endorsement by someone within the political world. Everyone is shocked that the man that had said the entertainer-in-chief could never lead the free world has done an about face and now is supporting that entertainer. Is it because he truly believes in the bully? Is it because he despises someone else running so much that he'll do anything to go up against him? Or maybe he loves the fact the entertainer has a private jet and he can play in a new world he wasn't used to being in. 

So once again, he leaves his state behind and becomes a stump speaker for the carnival barker. Who knows what position he is being promised, but it's obvious that it has nothing to do with New Jersey. And suddenly, he is seen on TV in the great state of Florida, standing behind the bully like a spouse, whipping post, or pet and his face says it all. The "my God, what have I done?" look that all of social media is talking about. He has placed all his political eggs in one gilded, gaudy basket. Six papers in his state have asked for his resignation and if the bully doesn't go all the way (taking him with him), there won't be much left in the political arena for the man who has shown his true colors and sincerity, integrity, and honesty have all gone out the window.

Enjoy the ride, Chris Christie. It looks like this may be your last.