Monday, April 4, 2016

Some Things Happen for A Reason

Do you ever think that stars align and things fall into place for a certain reason? Perhaps it's fate, luck, or prayers - we all have different reason for why things seem to go right at just the right time.
I saw it first hand this past weekend.
My sister was celebrating her 50th birthday in NYC with her daughters and I luckily got to be a part of the trip. One of my nieces recently became engaged and has started down that long road that many women dream of; planning a wedding. She has been to several bridal appointments around her home town in Texas and while in New York City, had a scheduled appointment at a well-known NY bridal place made very famous by a reality show. (I'm sure many readers know right away what spot that is.) They had an amazing afternoon, but never had that moment of saying yes to the dress.
Sitting around a hotel and hearing the story of the afternoon, my sister thought it would be fun for us to go to another place so I could see her baby girl trying on dresses. There happened to be one right on the street as their hotel. Even though it said online it closed at 7 pm, we showed up around 5:50 and was told by a very nice woman that we could look through the aisles and take note of the dresses she liked. However she wouldn't be able to have a consultant helping her as all were busy so she would have to return the next morning and wait in line to be seen.
My niece and sister are a pro by this point, knowing their budget, the style she wants and went to work looking at her favorites. She passed over one which they both stopped at, but my niece was sticking to the budget and said NO as much as she loved it. The nice woman from the front desk approached, said a consultant was available and we had 45 minutes to try dresses on. We jumped. Suddenly I became a part of what I've seen on TV when a loved one you've watched grow up is standing in front of you in a gown and I could feel my eyes holding back water. They treated her like a queen. What an experience. They walked her out into a main room where two cameras show her front and back on a monitor so she can see what it looks like coming and going. Still, she wasn't falling for any of them.
Time was running out and it looked like it was going to be another normal bridal appointment for her, but her mom and I went back to the 'over budget one' because I just really wanted to see it on her. (Okay, in hindsight - not the nicest thing to have a bride try on a dress out of her budget, but I really wanted to see if it's about the dress or the price that keeps a bride from falling in love.) Even though she fought us on it, she went in to try it on. She walked out and we all knew...THAT was the dress. It fit her like a glove. Suddenly we were informed that while they knew this dress was over the budget, it was actually 1/2 price off. WHAT? Then she saw a veil that matched perfectly and that was placed on her head. The store was about to close and all the workers had gathered around my niece and everyone saw she was beaming in that gown. It was truly a magical moment. (Add to it they had the exact same veil in stock.)
How does one pull the trigger and make that huge decision, but after a moment which my niece calls 'the ugly cry', the decision was made with her mother, she said YES, and her NYC trip was made even more memorable because of the people at RK Bridal on West 54th Street.
So yes, I can honestly believe that some things happen for a reason. No appointment and everything from the moment we walked in fell perfectly into place. Even getting a bride into a dress over her budget only to find it ended up being cheaper than ones she was previously looking at. Wow...thank you RK for an incredible night! I can't wait to see her walk down the aisle next year.


  1. EVERYTHING happens exactly as it is supposed to happen. I believe!!