Wednesday, June 8, 2016

History Was Made: Now What?

Back in 2008, I was a huge Hillary Clinton supporter. I had the sign on my lawn. I was very vocal in my support for her when many of my friends (and the country) got behind the 1st year senator from Illinois. When Obama became the nominee, I jumped behind him and gave him my full support and continued that support throughout his presidency. For me, it's a no-brainer: you support the candidate you believe will not only be best for the country as a whole, but also believes in your rights as a citizen and doesn't want to send you tumbling backwards (and in my case - back in the closet).

Here we are 8 years later and while I wasn't thrilled with candidates on either side of the aisle at first, I got behind the nominee that I believed would move our country forward. Not only do I believe Clinton has the country's best interest at heart, I fully believe she stands with me as someone in a same-sex marriage. (Something I know not one person in the Republican party can get behind.) While many will debate the way the Democratic Party counts delegates for days and weeks to come, she has more pledged delegates than Obama had in '08, she has the majority of pledged delegates in this election cycle, and yes - the super delegates will put her over the needed amount (same as Obama in '08 when he was declared the winner on June 3, 2008 - well before the convention that year). I was thrilled to watch her as she made history as the first female to become the presumptive nominee for a major party and I love reading the stories of parents with little girls all across the country that stayed up to watch her speech.

I admire the passion that people have for Mr. Sanders (even if I don't admire or believe all of his false promises). I love how he changed the discussion in our country and he has brought up many important topics that need to stay in the forefront as we move forward. As a senator, he can have a much more powerful platform now. AND if he had been the Democratic nominee, I would have gotten behind him 100%. Yet those that have worshipped Bernie and felt his burn all these months can't do the same thing that many of us did in 2008. I'm saddened by those that can't do the same thing now. That WON'T do the same thing.  

Instead, they feel Hillary is not a good choice and they want to tear apart the democratic party and rally behind an independent. I firmly believe our system needs to change so we are not a party system - but for now: WE STILL ARE. Putting your vote behind an independent (who, btw, used the Democratic Party for months to gain publicity and a following), is handing the election to Donald Trump. A man that will make us a laughing joke to other countries and frankly, could take us into WWIII with his ego.

But if that's more important to you than a woman who has a political record, who believes in our country and who WILL lead (even though many will write me about her horrible past and please don't bother repeating those same talking points to me) - then I guess I have to be ready for us to move backwards and for me to end back up without rights in our country. When that happens, it will be hard for me to look at those friends who enabled this 'independent revolution' to occur which ended up bringing our great country down under Trump's reign.

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