Monday, July 18, 2016

An Open Letter to Ivanka Trump

Dear Ivanka,

It is quite obvious how much you respect and admire your father. Children should look up to those that rear them. My father passed away in his late 50s, but he always instilled in me there was nothing I couldn't do if I put my mind to it. Having watched you for years, it's obvious you've been taught a similar thing from your dad. I remember seeing you years ago when you were younger at the movie theater in NYC holding tightly to your father for his support and protection. 

As we age, the roles often change with our parents and we step up in many different ways. I see your dad turns to you for so many decisions in his life (even when he was talking to celebrities and reality stars on TV). You were there in the fake board room giving your thoughts and concerns. You now do the same thing as your dad chose Mike Pence to add to his ticket and it seems he went with what you kids wanted versus going with his gut.

Only what is happening now isn't a studio set of a reality show. This is actual life and this is the largest job in our country. As a parent, don't you cringe when your dad says something that you'd hate for your child to repeat. That he allows bullying and bigoted rhetoric to be such a part of his campaign? Perhaps this was how he ran a business (and as someone who has been in business for years, I've dealt with many men like your dad), but being the leader of the free world it's not the same as working out deals with foreign countries to create a clothing line.

It's hard when I hear people discuss his negotiating skills in a board room and think that same skill set will work out for our country. It troubles me when his views on diversity center around the "lots and lots" of foreign people that work for him. As a New Yorker, how he can disregard the millions of Americans in the LGBT community is beyond me. But you - you're a younger generation. You have friends that cross political boundaries. You seem to have a level head on your shoulder. You can still love and respect your father, but call him out on his hateful bigotry. My dad was a great man, but I'm sure there were some that would have believed racism was flowing through his veins (even if it didn't seem to be something he would admit to). But that's the problem. There are millions of white Americans who harbor those feelings of bigotry, homophobia, racism and your dad has made it 'okay' to let those flags fly.

How I wish you could intervene with your father. Rein him in and get him on a track that would be good for ALL Americans. It's sad to think the legacy of what many believed to be a great entrepreneur will be replaced with a man that could destroy the very fabric of America and be compared to some of the worst leaders in world history. But he's your dad. You're proud. And that is truly sad.

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