Thursday, July 14, 2016

Out of the Publishing Closet

Five years ago I set out on a journey in the publishing world and it's been amazing. During that time, I've worked with four other publishers (from indie publishers to larger publishers) and have learned so much. The world of self published authors has changed over the years and people get their literary fixes in all different types of ways.

One thing I did was to create my own publishing company back in 2011. I set up the company, purchased ISBNS, joined the IBPA, and immersed myself into that world. At first, it was to get some of my own stories out there (that I had not published via other publishers), but it quickly grew into something much more. In a "pay-it-forward" type of way, I started publishing other authors. I worked with and mentored them on marketing, social media, and the pitfalls I had experienced myself. I was so proud of our roster of authors at ASD Publishing and the fact they were out there in the world promoting their work and that I could be a small part of that. Honored and thankful to each of those authors for trusting me.

ASD Publishing grew into ASD Media & Entertainment when I decided to create a short film and then we also worked with a playwright on producing his show in NYC. The company expanded while I continued to tell our small family that as a one man band (who out sourced many of the jobs such as editing, book layout, etc), I had to be very choosy about who I was able to work with. Author contracts have about a 3 year shelf life and our contracts have run out and many of the authors have moved on to other publishers, but as I look at our anniversary this summer - boy, it was satisfying.

Did I get rich? Not at all. Did I meet lots of new people? Absolutely. Was I touched by having those authors in my life? Every day. 

So grateful to each of them and proud of what we accomplished in the first five years. I have no idea what will come next for ASD Media, but I figured after five years...I could finally come out of the closet and share that I was the man behind the curtain. It was fun at times when people in my life had no idea that ASD was actually ME. I'm not embarrassed by our little company.  It was a rewarding, exhausting, fulling experience & here's to what's next!

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