Thursday, January 19, 2017

The American Transition

At 47 years old I've seen many transitions of new presidents in our country. As a child, I had an entire  folder on Jimmy Carter. I grew up during the Reagan administration and stepped out into the world as Clinton held office. There have been moments where my choice didn't win, yet I still respected the office and all that it entailed for our country. There were many that felt the junior senator from Chicago wasn't ready to take on the role and yet he was voted in twice and under his watch my own relationship - my very livelihood was given the same recognition and rights as others.

And then 2016 happened and everything we had known about the office of the president was turned upside down. A large portion of the country wanted change. That's nothing new. People always want change each time we have an election. Usually it means it goes back and forth between parties, but this was different because it was an outsider this time. He was going to drain the swamp of DC and change the rulebook. He started his transition and suddenly the things he said during his campaign seemed to go out the window. He started acting as president with foreign countries before he was ever sworn in. He wants people in Washington that don't even know how Washington or the White House works. There are numerous positions to be filled (over 4,000) to create a peaceful transition, yet many of those are still waiting to be filled. 

People say to wait and see. Give him a chance. Yet over and over the man who will be the oldest president ever continues to use social media to share lies and attacks showing a lack of character, respect for the office, and respect for the people of our country. However WE'RE the ones that people say are not respecting the office because of our feelings for him.

If you think the protests and marches are about our person not winning, you are simply not paying attention to the transition. I've been called a whiny liberal snowflake who is upset over Hillary Clinton not being president. In the words of the incoming president: WRONG. I am upset over the loss of our country. I think that makes me a patriot. My feelings over Trump have nothing to do with Hillary. They have everything to do with how the rest of the world is viewing the USA under these oddest of circumstances. My feelings are based on what the man says and does and how it goes against everything I feel America is built on. A sense of decency is an important attribute I want to see in a leader and I've never seen that in his man. If you think "Love Trumps Hate" was a slogan for another candidate, you don't see that aligning yourself with a hateful leader of another country shows a lack of love for the very country we live in. We are swearing in a man that will continue to build up his own company/brand using America as collateral. If you are closing your eyes to all of these things, that is on you. I respect those that are marching against someone who doesn't seem to understand the new job means country before self. 

This is different from any other transition I've seen in my life. I mourn the end of the era as Obama leaves office and takes with him the grace, dignity, and temperament needed to lead our country. He has shown this over and over the past few weeks. I even respect him for going through the motions he must go through on Friday to turn the power over, but that doesn't mean I need to watch it. The end of an era is often overused. In this case...I truly feel it. 

Thank you, Mr. Obama. I'm sure it's hard for you to know that as you leave, there are many that feel you take with you any sense of comfort we have as Americans. 

Now we wait and see.